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We love music, and we would love to play a part in helping as many as possible find joy in playing music themselves. Learning doesn´t need to be hard. Through our products we want to make it easy and fun.

With our patented technology Guided Workflow™ we have the opportunity to disrupt music learning, and we hope to do just that.

A technology that enables you to easily compose your own songs by dragging and dropping your favourite chords on a timeline, then you get visual guidance on a keyboard to help improvise and hit notes that fit with your chosen chords.

No more fumbling around on keys trying to find the “right” note. We show you which ones work and which ones don’t.




Jamsy is a music app that guides you in learning how to play and create music, and it sounds great from the very start! Build tracks with your favorite chords, and then jam on top with the help of Guided Workflow™. Jamsy is a great tool for those who want to learn, but also for musicians who want to work on ideas on-the-go.


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