Within the end of 2019 we will initiate development of our own instrument prototype based on our technology.

We aim to bring a product to kids and beginners that will let them be creative and make their own music, all while learning their way around a piano.

Join us in building one of the most exciting companies in the cross section of music/tech/hardware right here i Stavanger.


We are looking to build a strong executive team that will help accelerate the development of the company and reach for our true potential.

Know your way around digits and budgets? Financial strategies a second language? Entrepreneurial spirit?
We should probably talk.

Operational wizard that just gets stuff done? Love of the details, of the measuring, of the development of great company structures? GET.IN.TOUCH.

A knack for moving people to (preferably joyful)tears? We are looking for a storyteller. A great one. Make sure to force yourself to the top of our inbox.

We are looking for great people who loves to build, to learn and to grow as individuals and team players.

The great benefits of playing music, the development of both body and mind, should be available to anyone. We want to enable the masses. Sound good? post@hoylytt.com